Monday, May 25, 2009

The Design Collaborative of SA (DCOSA) has been established to bring together Industrial Designers in SA.

Crucial in developing realistic solutions that enhance everyday life, we create things that power, assist, preserve, monitor, save, intrigue, excite and sustain. We want DCOSA to be a place where Industrial Designers can stay in touch, develop ideas and better understand their ever changing industry.

The unique contribution of Industrial Design as a process and a career on our daily lives is often misunderstood and its value diminished because of a lack of education, exposure and hence awareness in the general community. Unfortunately, good Industrial design solutions more often than not blend into a person's life and environment, quietly enhancing the experience rather than making a big statement or gesture.

DCOSA will source what is required to promote the skills and talent of its friends through seminars, public art, a casual coffee... or whatever you suggest! As we enhance the Australian perception of this multi faceted and multi talented crew, DCOSA also hopes to become a network of resources and support for our enthusiastic ID community.