Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bicycle Design

Some interesting ideas found here ( I kind of like the folding backpack bike as it is similar to an idea I had for my final year uni project but much much better. More info on the folding backpack bike here ( Special thanks to Stein from the Axles of Evil for this link.


What an amazing era to be living in. The funny thing is our children, and their children,
probably wont even see this as a process of integration between technology and reality.
It's just how things will be... they will be born into this completely seamless and
integrated way of life. I feel old already.

Pranav Mistry is the inventor of SixthSense, a wearable device that enables new interactions between the real world and the world of data. Check out this Ted Talk.

Some previous projects from Mistry's work at MIT includes intelligent sticky notes, Quickies, that can be searched and can send reminders; a pen that draws in 3D; and TaPuMa, a tangible public map that can act as Google of physical world. His research interests also include Gestural and Tangible Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, AI, Machine Vision, Collective Intelligence and Robotics.